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SalesForce and Associates we are dedicated to bringing

a fresh approach to an exciting industry.  


SalesForce believes that sales reps today need to be forward-thinking just like the technology that we are selling.  SalesForce is a multi-faceted company that services vertical markets and has been able to stay true to our core values.  

Our staff has over 50 years of widely diversified experience and knowledge in the pro audio, lighting, and video industry. Currently, SalesForce has seven full-time staff members,

of which two are bi-lingual.  


In the past, we have offered assistance on job planning, live sound demos, in-store training, large format console training, lighting programming, and systems design just to name a few. Additionally, we have a certified life safety and paging programmer, as well as, a networked systems control designer on staff.  


These are a few of the resources we have to help facilitate our customer base.  With regards to sales tools, SalesForce owns two full-size trailers, which is useful for long road trips and hauling around the equipment necessary to close the sale.  We believe "The demo makes the sale" ask us how we can help, we own the tools to get the job done!  


With all of these assets, SalesForce and Associates can act as an extension of the factories that we represent, allowing the relationship between the dealer and manufacturer to grow successfully and effectively. 




With over 20 years of experience in the industry, Bobbi has developed long-standing relationships with her customers.  She has been instrumental in the strategic planning of Sales Force and Associates since its inception and pioneered the corporate values that Sales Force abides by today.  

Born in Coral Gables, Florida

CELL  305-216-7021



With a knack for selling, Jeff is unparalleled in the Sales arena. With his enthusiasm and passion for the industry it's easy to see Jeff loves what he does!  Jeff has carried the company from its infancy and is a master in the art of selling.  His strengths lie in getting the dealer excited about not only products but how the dealer will be able to effectively excite the end-user about the benefits of what they are about to invest in.  

Born in Sharon, Pennsylvania

CELL   305-216-7020



Working in the industry since Sales Forces inception, Dawn has become the ultimate structure for our team.  Dawns warm personality and professionalism has made her effective as the support manager within the company.  As the Operations Manager, Dawn oversees the day-to-day business, along with accounting, accounts managing and managing our customer service staff.  

Born in New York City, New York

CELL   954-868-7727



Regarded by his peers as a leader in tech, design, and usage; Frank’s strengths in the music industry are focused in the pro audio arena.  He has designed, installed, and regularly uses professional sound systems since 1978.  His ability to communicate technical concepts proves him unsurpassed as a trainer and sales representative.  “Excellence and reliability through sales, service, and training is my mantra,” says Frank.  When it comes to SalesForce, Frank has been there from the beginning and will always give 100% when representing our lines.

Born in Cocoa Beach, Florida

CELL  305-790-5774



Originally from Argentina, Rob relocated to Miami and began his career in 1971 while studying Music Composition in college.  Being fully bilingual in Spanish and English Rob has been able to work and communicate within this diverse culture.  Rob has been in the industry for well over 30 years.  Rob began with a passion for making music, which then grew into the desire to start his career in the pro audio industry. 

Born in Buenos Aries, Argentina | Bi-Lingual

CELL   305-926-0537

Headshot 1.jpg




Daniel has been in the AV industry since 2016. Beginning as a freelance stagehand, Daniel eventually worked his way into areas of more responsibility such as equipment procurement, inventory management, and logistics supervisor. His experience includes stage production at medical and business conferences, corporate AV, and live broadcast events up to and including campaign stop for the President of the United States.  Excited to expand his experience to the sales side, Daniel has joined Sales Force family.

Born in Pembroke Pines, FL

CELL  407-272-5722





Steve joins the Sales Force Southeast Team as an AVL Professional with 35+ years of experience in the industry he is very passionate about what he does!  Not only has he worked for and with the most prestigious integration firms in the South, but he also founded an integration firm and a production company with 20-year-old footprints in those markets.  Steve brings experience and relationships, to our team!  He is passionate about personal relationships, humor, musicianship, SEC football, and most importantly... fatherhood!

Born in Frankfurt, Germany

CELL  205-612-5454



Gary became a part of the commercial audio business in the mid-1980s and started his career in design and system layout.  As a service from SalesForce, Gary can provide system design and engineering support to our customer base.  Gary has been through many training and certification programs including Synergetic Audio Concepts or SynAudCon, Media Matrix, Crestron, Bose, Electro-Voice, and Bosch as well as working with AFMG, the provider and inventors

of the E.A.S.E. program. 

Born in Key West, Florida

CELL   813-313-9389





Tommy DuBose is not a stranger to the rep world!  Working with Bosch and other brands in a former life, Tommy brings tons of experience to the team.

Recently working with BenQ as a Key Partner Manager, Tommy was looking for the opportunity to get back into the rep environment.

Tommy brings lots of AV System Design chops to the table, from design to programming, creating master electrical drawings, and cost estimates, along with a plethora of knowledge in the Audio, Video, Theatrical Lighting, Control, and Acoustical space!  We are happy to have him as part of the team!

CELL   839-333-7010





Jordan comes to Sales Force with a strong background in IT and Sales. Having worked for an IT company servicing their AV needs, Jordan understands how to work with a Networked System while navigating the concerns for opening AV needs to a network.  Jordan has over 10 years of experience working for an integration company that specialized in the house of worship market; his knowledge of audio, video, lighting, broadcast and networks has made him a perfect fit for Sales Force and the forward thinking brands we represent.  His true passion for people allows Jordan to bring a willingness to help attitude and mindset to our team. Those qualities are integral in building long term relationships with our dealers.

Born in Fort Payne, Alabama

CELL   256-525-9310

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